Why Choose Woolens Over Other Fabrics and Clothes?

There are many types of fabrics available, but wool will always remain to be one of the most loved among them. Wool is not only comfortable, but it is also very generic because a person can buy them from anywhere. You can get sweaters, coats, tops, trousers, caps, mittens, socks, earmuffs, etc. made of wool. It can be regarded as one of the most versatile kinds of fabric available since you can get any apparel made from wool very easily. Not only are these apparels easily available, but they are also perfect for almost any season.

Some of the basic reasons why wool is so popular among the masses are:

Soft and supple

Buying apparel and sweaters made up of high-quality wool will not only be great in fit, but will also be extra soft on the skin. Clothes should be made of superior fabric to make sure that the wearer is comfortable throughout the day. High-quality premium wool is extra soft and malleable, so it is not itchy or scratchy on the skin.


One of the best things about wool is that it is completely natural and biodegradable. It is also renewable, as no sheep are harmed during the wool rearing and harvesting. Using wool means there will be no harm done to the earth and nature. Wool threads tend to get degraded after some time, causing no pollution to the environment.

Temperature control

Whether it is summers or winters, wool is always comfortable. It does not make the wearer feel stuffy during summers or make them feel chilly in the winter wind. Wool is a proactive fiber, which denotes its temperature controlling nature. That means it can keep the body temperature in control for all seasons. It also has a high-absorbing power which means it wicks the sweat and keeps the skin comfortable and dry

Proper fit

Wool is one of those perfect fabrics which makes the clothing fit perfectly to the body. It does not get stuck or get constrictive on the skin, making the person feel stuffy and irritable and doesn’t sag loose making the entire appearance ill-fitted. Apparels tend to be fit properly when made of wool due to its shape-maintaining nature.


Wool is a safe fabric. Thus, the apparels made of wool are also safe as compared to other fabrics and knits. Wool is also natural and that means there is no way it can have any type of chemical which can be harmful to one’s health. Some premium quality wool also tends to be ant microbial which makes it perfect for allergic people and small babies. For an extra level of safety, buyers can also look for ultraviolet preventing wool of higher grade quality.


Maintaining and taking care of woolen clothes is very easy since most of them can be washed in the machines. No extra effort or money will be spent to wash and take care of the woolens. Woolens are also known for the stain safe nature, which means they don’t get stained by absorbing grime.