Three Good Reasons to Buy Designer Clothing

Designer clothes fascinate everyone! But did you ever thought about the artistic talent that creates these awesome outfits? Designer wear are joint effort of several artistic skills that starts with a unique vision and selection of fibers and ends with the creation of a winning clothing line up that people enjoy wearing. From the beginning to the end, each and every detail is carefully considered by designers with artistic skills. And the final product is the outfit that you love to wear.

Designer clothing has become quite popular over the past decade or so. People are little bit reluctant to buy designer apparels as they fear that they may cost them a fortune. But in reality those who are apprehensive to buy designer clothes actually end up spending more on their wardrobes.

Yes that’s exactly right! As these clothes are manufactured from high quality fabrics they are likely to remain in the top of the condition for the years to follow. The longevity of the attire is the basic reason why people prefer to pay a little extra cash to buy designer wear.

Moreover they are considered as a status symbol. Most of the designer labels get their consumer-base primarily from the premium quality materials used by them. They have established their brand name through the incredible logo and the designs used by them.

Research and studies has proved that designer clothing is far more comfortable than their cheaper counterparts. Premium quality material, fine stitching and attention to detail not only make you look good but also feel good. With designer clothes you will never feel itchy and uncomfortable.

Auction sites such as eBay and Yahoo offer designer clothes at discount rates. So what are you waiting for? Get online now and browse through the auction sites. After all they offer a great way to buy designer clothes at a fraction of the retail price.

Superdry Clothing – Sizes Explained

The problem is that Superdry sizes ‘appear to be different’ from other brands in the market (I’ve put that in inverted commas for a reason). That and the internet is plagued of misleading information on this topic. I’ve decided to sort this out once and for all. Or at least until Superdry change things up again. Superdry is actually very accurately sized. I know you weren’t expecting to hear that so I will explain why.

The Problem with Standards

There is an international standard for clothing sizes. The International Standards Organization, also known as ISO. They are the governing body for all sorts of standards, including a standard measure for the sizing of clothes. This should, in theory, give us a reference to be able to accurately choose clothes and convert between US, UK, European and other sizes. But it doesn’t. There are problems with the international standards.

Getting too deep into these standards is beyond the scope of this article so I’m going to cut to the chase. There problem comes in two parts; Using letter codes like Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large and clothing manufacturers taking liberties with the established standards. They aren’t obliged to conform to the standard so there isn’t likely to be any change in the future. When compared to other clothing brands, a good rule of thumb is that Superdry clothing is approximately one size smaller. They are sized to fit properly but as most other clothing manufacturers are getting more and more generous with their sizing, it’s better to go for one size bigger in Superdry clothes. For example, if you are usually a medium then you buy a large in Superdry.

Superdry Size Chart

Superdry clothing complies with the international standards; the problem is that other clothing companies don’t. Superdry also use letter codes, so there must be a look up table to convert a size from Small, to chest size or women’s dress size. If you’ve looked on their website you would have noticed that there isn’t such a helpful table anywhere to be found. I’ve developed a Superdry size chart.

Men’s Superdry Clothing Size Chart

Sizes are chest sizes, measured in inches.

Extra Small = 36″

Small = 38″

Medium = 40″

Large = 42″

Extra Large = 44″

Extra Extra Large = 46″

Men’s waist sizes are pretty straight forward. They are all in inches, the standard measure so you shouldn’t have any problems selecting your size.

Women’s Superdry Size Chart

The UK and US dress sizes are matched to the ISO standards and might not necessarily match up to the size you would normally buy in other clothing brands. It is intended that you go by the actual measurements (in inches).

Extra Small = UK Size 8/ US Size 4 = Bust 34″, Waist 25.5″, Hip 36.5″

Small = UK Size 10/ US Size 6 = Bust 34″, Waist 26.5″, Hip 37.5″

Medium = UK Size 12/ US Size 8 = Bust 35″, Waist 27.5″, Hip 38.5″

Large = UK Size 14/ US Size 10 = Bust 36″, Waist 28.5″, Hip 39.5″

Buying Superdry Clothing

Probably the best advice I can give you is try before you buy but what if you don’t have a store near you? Is this case you are left with the only option, to shop online where you can’t try the item on before you buy it. There are exceptions however. Some stores, like Nucleus, offer free return postage on internet orders so in effect you can try the stuff on and send it back if it doesn’t fit. It’s a slight hassle getting to the post office but at least it won’t cost you anything.

Should You Choose Norse Projects or Ice Cream Clothing For Printed T-Shirts?

If you are looking for a branded, printed t-shirt, it is you are recommended to check out Ice Cream clothing or Norse Projects. Both Ice Cream clothing and Norse Projects shirts are made from high quality materials, such as premium cotton and a polymodal rubber-sillicat fabric used for intense weather-proofing. However, the designs and manufacturing methods of Ice Cream and Norse Projects clothing are very different and each offers very unique styles and advantages.

Ice Cream clothing is a luxury clothing line designed by Hip-Hop producer Pharrell, famous from the Neptunes. Pharrell is also the founder of the BAPE and Billionaire Boys Club clothing lines. He also owns half of the stock an worth of Icon Nigo, another Japanese clothing company. Indeed, it was Pharrell and Nigo that created Ice Cream clothing, their well known and premium Street/Urban Uniform-style brand. It started life as a line of sneakers in partnership with Reebok, but their clothing line was delayed somewhat. Owing to its premium and exclusive aesthetic and dignity, the clothing range is created in very small numbers and sparingly distributed across the world’s major cities.

Norse Projects originates in Copenhagen, Denmark, and is built to withstand the unforgiving weather conditions of the Scandinavian nations. Although the primary focus of Norse Projects clothing is its weather-resistant clothing (such as its chunky knitwears and waterproof jackets) it also boasts a commendable array of printed t-shirts. These printed t-shirts are unique and stand otu from the rest of the range, offering laid back styles showing the designer’s sense of humor. Although Scandinavian in origin, Norse Projects outerwear clothing is sought after across the world where the local climates offer unpleasant and unpredictable weather. It has been especially popular in Canada and the United Kingdom. The winter coat is designed and tested against Denmark’s bitter winter, offering the wearer a personal sanctuary against the Viking wind and rain.

To summarise, if you’re looking for a printed T-shirt that would really make you stand out, both Ice Cream and Norse Projects have products that you will probably want to take a look out. If you ever face the difficult situation of having to choose one from between the two, your best course of action would be to either choose the design that you identify most closely with yourself, or to look at the rest of the range of each brand and go with one that you like best. Both brands create excellent products, so whichever one you choose you can be sure you have made a good decision.