TamPogo Review – The Only MLM With a Bigger Mission

A brand new MLM company, with a major mission. Tampago has hit the scene. This company has chosen to allow the average person a way to not only make money, but save it as well. The products range from health, body care, clothing and yes even male enhancement. Now that you know about the Tampogo products allow me to present to you the founding members of the Tampogo organization.

We beging the list of Tampogo Founders with Chuck Stebbins. As CEO of Tampogo Chuck is well accredited and is highly acclaimed for his part in creating Myspace. Yeah that Myspace..

The next important Tampogo founder is Isaac McLemore. Isaac McLemore is the TamPogo Master iRep.

This San Diego California native began his dream career of network marketing marketing In 1990. He was the first distributor for Metabolife and the mastermind behind that company’s explosive growth. The company went to a billion dollars in sales in 3 years.

Sadie Turner is the Next Tampogo Founder of Note.. You can thank Sadie Turner for the wonderful products of Tampogo. She also oversees product media communications and Spanish integration.

The next Tampogo founder is Ersula Odom. Ersula Odom supervises the administrative and genealogical aspects of the TamPogo network. Ersula brings to the team both technical, creative and team building skills. As the author of the book “At Sula’s Feet”, Ersula has written 40+ published articles for St. Petersburg Florida’s The Weekly Challenger News and is commissioned by the Florida Humanities Council to portray Mary McLeod Bethune throughout the State.

Tampogo Leader number 5 is David Zinn David Zinn leads the executive functions of the Non Profits that are part of TamPogo as well as being the liaison between TamPogo and our charitable involvement with organizations such as FeedMyStarvingChildren.org.

Jeff Conrady is the man behind the Tampogo commissions. He also plays a role in the executive functions for the Non Profit initiative, but his biggest role is chair of the iRep Advisory Committe.

Now that You Got To Learn More About The Founders and we have discussed the Company & the mission of Tampogo Let’s Talk Money!

First take note that Tampogo is Free to join and it pays commissions 8 levels deep for product purchases. Each Fast Track Product purchased by an iRep provides a minimum of $10.00 payout as Network Commission.

The Goal as an iRep is to sponsor 8 active iReps to be paid on all 8 levels. If you sponsor less than that then the number of people you sponsor will determine how far down you receive commissions. So basically if you sponsor three people you will get paid for three levels, simple enough..

Direct Customers are slightly different. Direct Customers are assigned to an iRep and given a Member ID. When a Direct Customer makes a purchase, 50% of the Network Commission generated is paid as Sponsor Commission and 50% is paid to the network.

Now let’s talk about exactly how you can benefit from the Tampogo business.

Without the proper training, system, and leader you have a great chance at failing with Tampogo. Even though the pay plan is great, the products sell themselves, and it’s free to join, you will not be ablt to build a sold Tampogo business by pesturing your friends family or neighboors. If you want to build your Tampogo business the rejection free way then click the link below to receive a free gift to get you started in the right direction.