How Penis Size Influences Sexual Performance – Revealed

Proof is that men are concerned about their penis size, due to the fact many men complain about it and literally hundreds of thousands of searches are done monthly for penis enhancement methods. You can rest assured you are not alone. Regardless of whose penis is bigger than whose type stuff, self-esteem and confidence when it comes to women is what the real talk about penis size is about. When you conclude your manly member is below average this will decrease your confidence, and decreases your drive to talk to women.

Besides self-confidence, the majority of men believe penis size determines sexual satisfaction for their partner. Many claim this idea is just a myth and not true, but it has been proven nearly 90% of women prefer a bigger than average size penis for better sex. The idea behind male enhancement is that it will make your woman more satisfied and stimulated, a plus for any sexual relationship. Secondly, a bigger penis that male enhancement provides allows for more stimulation of both the clitoris and the g-spot. The entire sexual experience is enhanced with deeper penetration.

Penis size is important to men because they understand a small or below average penis will not provide the ultimate performance their woman wants. As an example, bigger than average penis are more easily erected and hard than small ones. Many men experience weak erections as they get older, and if you are one of them your partner is sure to eventually be disappointed in bed. Another thing men experience is the ability to get an erection, but just not being able to keep it erect for long periods. This as well will lead to reduced sexual stamina and performance.

Premature ejaculation is another common occurrence among men. Men with smaller than average penis sizes are more likely to have less control over their ejaculation, and thus ejaculate often much too early for their woman to orgasm. Premature not only reduces the sexual satisfaction for you, but also for your partner. So what is the most effective options you have to put an end to these problems? Penis enhancement supplements are on choice. You need to consider using enhancement supplements which use only 100% all natural ingredients, which include herbs and vitamins.

Another aspect of enhancement pills you need to consider relating to their safety and performance is doctor recommendations. Doctors recommend only a select few of male enhancement pills, because of their safety and results. For Dr. Khalid Alzwahereh enhancement supplements which have natural ingredients boosts sexual energy, libido, and erections.

Enhancement supplements can be an enormous help for a mans erectile dysfunction problems, improving his quality of life through better sex. Many times men try to object to the idea that penis size does not matter. However, proof is in the many polls done of woman suggesting that it really does matter. Also, men need to understand that nearly all penile dysfunctions are results of a smaller penis and if they did something to increase its size this would also increase their stamina, virility, and semen volume.

Ignoring the real problem does not solve anything, and the best solution is first acceptance and then taking action. Many men could simply solve their penile problems by trying a supplement, which would greatly boost their sexual confidence and ability to get a date or perform in bed with their partner.


Penis Performance Boosters – Fire It Up With L-Arginine

A piece of fried chicken served with a glass of milk can supply men with L-arginine, an enzyme that’s considered vital for penis health. However, that chicken dinner must take a long and tortured course through the body before it reaches the organ in question, and sometimes, the body spends its L-arginine quota before it ever reaches the penis, leaving the penile tissues starving for the nutrition they need. As a result, supplementation can be considered an important part of a man’s penis performance regimen, but there are good ways and bad ways to supplement for penis health.

A Question of Firmness

Before delving into the issue of penis supplement methods, it’s wise to revisit why L-arginine is so important in the first place. In essence, this enzyme is a requirement when a man is preparing for a little action between the sheets. The transition of the penis from soft to hard is deeply dependent on healthy blood vessels. When the signal to form an erection comes from the brain, the circulatory tissue in the penis needs to relax and open wide, so blood from neighboring tissues can rush into the area.

The brain and the body use chemical markers to communicate with each other. In the case of erections, the brain signals the body to produce nitric oxide, and this chemical causes blood vessels to open up. L-arginine is an enzyme used in the production of nitric oxide. If the body doesn’t have enough of this particular ingredient, the blood vessels won’t be able to do their job, and no matter how much a man might be thinking about sex, his body might be unable to respond.

Oral Supplements Aren’t Always the Answer

Bodybuilders often use L-arginine in pill or powder form, so it’s relatively easy to find pills stuffed with L-arginine on store shelves, and men with an unresponsive penis might be tempted to head down the vitamin aisle to get the help they’ll need. Unfortunately, this approach isn’t likely to bring any kind of relief.

As mentioned, the digestive system isn’t very efficient, and the body tends to sprinkle nutrients about without even consulting a person’s brain. As a result, men who take supplements for the penis may actually be taking ingredients that are applied to their fingers or toes, bringing them no tangible sex benefits at all.

Additionally, L-arginine can cause some nasty side effects in people who take large oral doses. In one study, researchers found that people who took big doses of this substance experienced:

– Low absorption of L-arginine

– Bloating

– Gas

– Diarrhea

People who feel really ill like this are unlikely to want to have sex, and the low absorption rates might mean that their bodies won’t even react as they should. These aren’t the kinds of results any guy would wish for.

Topical Applications

Applying L-arginine directly to the penis allows a man to experience the benefits of the enzyme while bypassing the digestive system altogether. No uncomfortable side effects take hold, and there’s no chance that the product will be diverted to another part of the body. Instead, the enzyme penetrates deep and goes to work when it’s applied directly to the skin.

This doesn’t mean, however, that men can break open capsules of L-arginine and smear the paste over penis skin. In fact, this practice could be downright dangerous, as few oral products are designed to transform into smooth creams that can soak into human skin. Instead, smart shoppers should look for a penis health creme that contains L-arginine. Products like this have been specifically developed to penetrate penis skin, and they are easy to apply. A high quality penis nutrient creme (most experts recommend Man1 Man Oil) applied once or twice per day can provide men with the supplementation they need to help keep the penis functional and healthy.


What Women Love in a Bigger Penis?

I could assume your woman has not said it in your presence that a bigger penis feels much better during sex than a small penis. What penis size exactly do women term as big, there must be some sort of dimension for big, average and small penises. The average penis is 6 inches in length and 5 inches in girth. Any penis above 7 inches in length and 5 inches in girth is usually termed as big. If you have this size then you are well endowed. For small penises the length is less than 5.5 inches in length and less than 4.5 inches. One of the top three complaints from women about their sex life is their partner’s small penis size. But most women decide not to tell their partner’s thinking the situation is hopeless and there is nothing he can do to increase the size of his penis. For such men they keep hearing the phrase size does not matter.

But what exactly do women love in a big penis? Is it just limited to the simple truth that a bigger penis is more pleasing to look at than a small penis? No! There is more on why women love a big penis. A bigger penis gives more pleasure to women during penetration because it is capable of stimulating the nerves located on the walls of the vagina and deep in the vagina.

The clitoris and two inches into the vagina are very sensitive and stimulating this areas is sure to assist a woman in achieving orgasms but such orgasm are not as explosive and fulfilling as orgasms achieved by deep penetration of her vagina and the friction of the large penis base and the clitoris. Which sex would prefer one in which only the head of your penis is allowed to penetrate your lovers vagina or one in which your whole penis length can penetrate? Even though you penis head is the most sensitive part of your penis you would still love the feeling of deep penetration.

One very common reason women love big penis is the sexual excitement they get from its sight. This excitement actually makes a woman’s body much more receptive to having orgasms. The mere sight of a large erect penis is sufficient to make most women wet in their vaginas as they become very horny even though foreplay might have not begun. Just the expectation of being penetrated by a big penis seems to lower the time it takes for women to achieve orgasms.

Various surveys have always revealed that women actually prefer bigger penis and actually wished their partner’s penis were bigger. Even though it is clear that women love bigger penis most women do not actual complain to their lovers. This is expected, as no woman would want to hurt her lover’s feelings. So in simple words most women feel stuck with the size of their lover’s penis.

If you feel you are stuck with whatever penis size you were born with, I have good news for you. Penis enlargement is possible. No I do not mean penis enlargement surgery. I mean natural penis enlargement. Natural? Yes natural. Herbal penis enlargement pills and penis enlargement exercises are the safest and least expensive method of increasing your penis size. The penis enlargement exercises work by stretching and expanding your penis tissues. These tissues later re-grow to bigger sizes as you keep doing these exercises. This results in a bigger penis.

Herbal penis enlargement pills work by increasing blood flow to the penis, healing worn out penis tissues and stimulating penis growth. Using these penis enlargement pills alone would give you gains in your penis length and girth but for the gains to be permanent you must use these pills in combination with a penis enlargement exercises routine. Some of the best penis enlargement pills actually come with free penis enlargement exercise programs for you to engage in while taking the pills.

There is no point worrying about the small size of your penis when you can actually make it bigger. To finally get a bigger penis you should begin engaging in a penis enlargement exercise program and taking an herbal penis enlargement pill.